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Objectverse at Web Summit Lisbon 2023

Exploration and networking at the Europe's biggest tech event!

This was another first-timer for me and my business partner, Lisbon and Web Summit.

Lisbon in November is still warm enough to chase that summer feeling with beautiful outdoor cafes offering the famous Pastel de Nata and the finest Brazilian espresso. It is full of friendly people, stunning architecture and lovely walks to discover this beautiful city.

If you don’t want to climb yet another steep hill, catch the legendary E28 Tram to experience the 1930’s vibe and a scenic route.

About Web Summit

Web Summit organises global tech events, fostering connections between individuals and groundbreaking concepts that shape our world. Since its inception as a 150-person conference in Dublin back in 2009, Web Summit events—spanning Europe, South America with Web Summit Rio, North America hosting Collision, the Middle East featuring Web Summit Qatar, and Asia with RISE—have drawn in a collective audience of half a million attendees.

The core objective of Web Summit has been to develop software that facilitates meaningful connections among CEOs, founders, investors, media personalities, politicians, and influential cultural leaders.

Objectverse at Web Summit Lisbon 2023

As two founders of a freshly baked startup (we just raised our 1st round 7 weeks ago), we decided to jump right in and leverage the networking opportunities at the largest technology events globally. I’ve written about our endeavours in Dubai at Gitex Global in my previous article, and you can check it here:

The event was well organised, and despite a few minor glitches, the experience was smooth and pleasant. For us, the key part was connecting with people in advance using the Web Summit app and organising our meetings over three days. 

One of the highlights for us was the 40 Words feature at the Creatiff stage, where I explained what we’re about in just 40 words. Kudos to the WebSummit team for picking our message and giving us exposure at the event!

Two days of intense networking passed quickly, but we built some solid connections. Thanks to everyone who visited our booth on Thursday. We received lots of support for what we’re doing, which motivates us to continue innovating and delivering exceptional interactive 3D web experiences.

If you're looking to breathe new life into your existing 3D models with interactive features or seeking an innovative partner to craft tailor-made digital experiences for your products and services - Objectverse has you covered.