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Frequently Asked Questions

Objectverse is a creative technology studio that enables companies to create tailored and unique interactive 3D web experiences without hefty costs, lengthy timelines and complex processes.

We build our products and projects with advanced web technologies.

This allows you to enjoy interactive, engaging, reliable and scalable 3D web experiences on any device or browser.

Smart Workflow:

The 3D models we use in these experiences are clean and follow a specific workflow for exporting them as a single optimised file.

This ensures consistency and compatibility across different platforms.

Our optimized workflow also enable scalability, allowing the interactive 3D web experiences to be easily expanded or modified as needed.

This flexibility ensures that the experiences can grow alongside evolving user needs and technological advancements.


The optimized file format resulting from the workflow ensures compatibility with web technologies and browsers.

This enable users to access and interact with the 3D experience seamlessly on different devices and platforms without any compatibility issues.

Performance and speed:

To optimize the performance of these experiences, compression techniques are used for 3D models and textures.

The result is smaller file size that load quickly and efficiently.

Vast Possibilities of Application:

Product Visualization, Virtual Product Showcases, Training Simulations, Architectural Visualization, Data Visualization, Interactive Presentations, Digital Marketing and much more.

If you are looking to create a bespoke 3D experience get in touch with our team hello@objectverse.io

We offer wide range of 3D visualisation services:

3D Modelling and Scene Building

Creating 3D models of products, characters and environments based on sketches, blueprints or descriptions.

Optimizing existing 3D models for real-time uses.

Efficiently constructing scenes using custom and premade assets to save time and costs.

3D Animation

Creating visually appealing animations suitable for both cinematic and interactive applications.

3D Rendering / Texturing / 3D Assets

Preparing textures for 3D models. Providing photorealistic or artistically stylized renderings tailored to your project's requirements.

Producing renderings in various output formats, including images, videos, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), web experiences.

Art Direction

We offer comprehensive art direction services to guide and enhance your creative 3D project.

Collaborating on script development and improvement to optimize storytelling and overall project quality.

Depending on the use case key stakeholders from Marketing, eCommerce, Digital, Product and Leadership teams.

If you need help creating 3D assets in that case you can use Objectverse Studio team or involve a 3rd party creative agency.

Have an idea and don't know where to start? Ping us a message: hello@objectverse.io

You own your assets and content. 100%, all of the time.

Our enterprise solution pricing is custom and is based on a specific use case. We make sure that the process is as smooth and fast as possible to provide an accurate quote to our enterprise customers.

Depending on your use case you can create an interactive 3D experience within a few days, in more advanced custom enterprise cases this might take a few weeks.

If you're looking to breathe new life into your existing 3D models with interactive features or seeking an innovative partner to craft tailor-made digital experiences for your products and services - Objectverse has you covered.