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Santi Sarapinas CEO Objectverse

Santi Sarapinas

Co-Founder and Fellow Innovator

About me

I’m on a thrilling journey fueled by my passion for cutting-edge technologies and a knack for dreaming up innovative ideas that can take organizations to new heights, all while ensuring they deliver even greater value to their clients.

With 15 years of experience in Digital Design, Video Production, CGI/VFX, Interactive Web, AR/VR, and experiential media under my belt, I’ve been fortunate enough to lead and execute top-notch experiences and digital solutions for some of the globe’s biggest and brightest blue-chip companies.

Think EY, Dell, H&M, Zendesk, AkzoNobel, Barclays, BP, Allianz, National Grid, IHG, Coats… you get the picture!

From crafting digital design projects and products to immersing audiences in captivating experiences and campaigns, my mission is clear: I want to empower organizations to thrive in our ever-evolving digital landscape.

But there’s more to me than my digital endeavours! When I’m not shaping the digital world, you’ll find me pursuing three heartwarming hobbies:

  1. 🚴🏻 Cycling: There’s something incredibly liberating about hitting the road on my bike. It’s not just a great way to unwind; it’s also my secret weapon for sparking creative ideas.
  2. 💿 Vinyl DJ’ing: I’m all about that old-school vibe, exclusively spinning vinyl records. My Deep House, Disco, and Nu-Jazz gems collection has been a lifelong labour of love. You can follow my project: VibesOnWax here: https://vibesonwax.com
  3. 🎨 Painting: During the challenging times of Covid, I discovered the joy of painting. My style leans towards the abstract and minimalistic, providing a refreshing break from the digital world we’re so immersed in. Check some of my latest paintings in a digital gallery built with Objectverse: https://objectverse.io/previews/gallery

So, that’s a little peek into the world of tech, creativity, and hobbies that keep me ticking. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat tech, share cycling routes, swap vinyl recommendations, or explore the world of abstract art.

Cheers to exploring the endless possibilities of life!


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